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VR for VR’s sake

As virtual reality (VR) experiences become more prevalent and impressive, are we using VR for VR’s sake?

VR is increasingly becoming a part of the experiential marketing landscape as brands become more confident in embracing the tech. Yet is it always appropriate?

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Can you afford not to own your event platform?

Fran Elliott, UK director of experiential and events at Momentum Worldwide, discusses the benefits of owning your event platform.

“Are you going to event X? Brand Y is hosting and they have lined up Mr Z for the keynote!” How many times have you heard this kind of banter from a colleague or fellow marketing professional? But, if you think about it, there is truth in the words spoken by such people. The prestige and kudos associated with being the organiser of a top-drawer experience are just a few of the benefits to be had. The question is; can you afford not to own your event platform?

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Experiences should be fan first

Momentum Worldwide’s Fran Elliott discusses why sporting experiences should be fan first, and brand-centric second.

In Momentum Worldwide’s recently released We Know Sports Fans research, we found an intriguing opportunity. The research uncovered three key insights, which at the first read may seem contradictive: 83% of global sports fans think sponsors don’t consider the fans; 88% of the same fans surveyed believe that sponsors can create new opportunities for their favourite sport and team; and 86% would not object to seeing even more sponsorship in sport.

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VR can be used for more than just brand experiences

Virtual reality (VR) experiences are everywhere, literally everywhere, says Momentum Worldwide’s Fran Elliott, but they can be used for more than just amazing brand experiences.

Walking through any major city these days, you are pretty likely to see a consumer experience designed to entice and engage consumers using VR, be it a full-on experience with a supporting event build or a lighter version using something like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear.

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Making time for brand experiences

If the idea is strong, the consumer will make time for it, says Momentum Worldwide’s Fran Elliott.

In the past, tech and experiential roadshows weren’t natural bedfellows. The tech used to bring with it a rather large convoy of flight cases and miles of wiring, adding to the build times and activation costs.  Often, the pay-off wasn’t worth the input as the dwell times simply weren’t there; people were either rushing from the train to the office, or shop to food court. They would see, stop, maybe sample, but not necessarily dwell.

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The front line of total brand experience

I have recently spoken about experiential, events and activations in previous articles for Event, underlining the need for clear definitions of the terms in our industry, both for our own sake and that of our clients.

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